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Every great career
starts with a choice.



We are reinventing storytelling forever.

We are reinventing storytelling forever.

At eko, we believe in a creative approach to everything, no matter what role we’re in. We believe in meaningful choice, at work and in life. We’re software developers and spray paint artists, poets and producers, fantasy sports fans and financial whizzes, chess-heads and UXperts, pop culture nerds and product managers, data wizards and yoga instructors. We’re from all over the world, and we have as many stories as we do people. We can’t wait to hear yours.

Tame Chaos

Tame chaos.

We keep cool in the face of ambiguity, analyzing new challenges and delivering unbelievable results on the fly.

dont waste time

Don’t waste time.

We maintain a sense of urgency and plan ahead, multitasking but keeping our eyes on the prize.

Break and rewrite old rules

Break and rewrite old

We meet both old and new challenges with open minds and fresh eyes, mindfully examining what works. and what doesn’t no matter how things have been done before.

Welcome a good fight

Welcome a (good) fight.

We listen, negotiate, and influence on behalf of our ideas, maintaining self-awareness and never letting disagreements keep us from collaborating.

Help each other

Help each other flourish.

We support each other’s goals, and work hard to turn wild innovations into concrete realities.

We’ve got you covered.

  • Health Benefits

  • Unlimited paid time off

  • Catered lunches, snacks, and happy hours

  • Professional development

  • Commuter benefits and other perks

  • Stock options

Include everyone.

Inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword: it’s the goalpost we use to measure our success. We’re committed to building a diverse and equitable workforce, so we can represent everyone trying to build a more creative future. We embrace the idea that different perspectives make us stronger, and if you work here, you should too.

Digital Production

Sourcing, developing, and producing every eko application, the Digital Production team is part interactivity educator and part creative genius.

Data & Insights

This team serves up actionable data and insights to give all of eko the power of informed choice.

General & Admin

If eko was a race car, this team would be the pit crew, making sure everyone gets what they need to go as fast as possible.


Using modern tools to building good old-fashioned buzz, and spreading the word about choice-driven entertainment.


Setting goals, managing processes, and working across every single team to make eko more efficient every day.


The architects of our secret sauce, dreaming and building and iterating on every piece of eko technology.

Research & Development

The beating heart at the center of eko’s technology, improving our player, smashing bugs, and building new features for our creator community and production partners.

Revenue & Partnerships

Making deals with leaders across industries who want to be part of the future of entertainment.