Careers at eko
FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions



I just submitted my online job application, what can I expect?

After you submit your application, our hiring team will carefully review your profile. Once we’ve made a decision, we’ll reach out with an update! Simple as that!

If I am turned down, will you let me know?

Yes. We make sure we reach out to every candidate, even when it’s sad news.

I live abroad and want to apply to either the New York or Tel Aviv office, can I?

Hey, as long as you’re legally allowed to work in the US or Israel, feel free! We’re always mindful of special circumstances, and what’s the hurt of applying? Send that resume over!

What is the interview process like at eko?

The interview process is unique to each role, but we always start with a chat with one of our recruiters to get the basics down. We assess based on skills and qualifications and how you can add to eko! You’ll have the opportunity to speak to the core team, as well as some folks on other teams. We’re pretty thorough, and there will be a short and compelling case study somewhere in between. We move fast here, but only as fast as you can go.